Peter von Puttkamer is a an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose diverse interests have led him to wide arrange of subjects: indigenous peoples, science/invention, cryptozoology, historical-biographies, plus travel and wildlife adventures.

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In 1958 Jesco von Puttkamer moved his family from Germany to Canada with the dream of building a resort and horse ranch in the wilds of British Columbia. He named it Paradise Valley.


Upon their arrival he began hiring local Squamish native people to work at the resort- which was a big boost to their local economy and to their spirit. His efforts lead to the creation of one of Canada's most treasured retreats, Paradise Valley along the banks of the Cheakamus River, near Squamish, BC-- instilling in his son Peter a respect and appreciation for First  Nations people that has been the motivating force behind many of his greatest  accomplishments in his career as a celebrated filmmaker.



Peter attended a progressive high school where he leaned how to use cameras, make 8 mm films and claymation projects and continued his film studies as a student at the University of BC.  Soon thereafter, he began his professional career as a director and cinematographer.



His first jobs were working for the government making films about Canada's First Nations/aboriginal communities. He created nationwide initiatives and programs around their  heath, well being and cultural revival.



In 1980 while he was working on a film about aboriginal suicide out on Vancouver Island he saw a group of native paddlers and started filming and taking photos.  He used the images for a national campaign in Canada against drug and alcohol abuse. It was a huge success that led to the  creation of the production company he has run with his wife and producing partner Sheera,  ever since:  the award winning Gryphon Productions.

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Peter Von Puttkamer's Gryphon Productions has produced hundreds of educational films, campaigns, documentary films and network specials and special series. Check out Peter's next network debut by clicking KILLING BIGFOOT; and watch some clips from past projects below:

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